KD Bearings & Accessories

Since 2001 Leading bearing and pneumatics suppliers If you cannot find a product here, you will not find it anywhere!

Welcome to KD Bearings and Accessories cc, leading bearing, pneumatics and related products suppliers in KwaZulu – Natal. We provide a wide range of bearings, seals, belts, power transmission tools and pneumatics for the industrial, commercial and individual markets.

Established in 2001, KD Bearings has shown remarkable and consistent growth based on sound business practice, personal service and a 24-hour availability ethic. Among our clients are corporates such as Unilever and Tiger Brands, Engen and Toyota, to mention but a few, as well as SME’s and individual clients.

KD Bearings and Accessories has developed an excellent supply chain of leading South African and overseas bearing, Pneumatics and related products manufacturers. All our products are manufactured under international ISO 9001 quality control standards.

This supply chain enables us to offer practically any quality product required and to ensure continuity in availability.

We have built a prestige for our around-the-clock service ethics and fast turnaround times. Many clients will testify If you cannot find a product here, you will not find it anywhere!

K.D. Bearings and Accessories cc. a fully black owned, B.E.E. compliant enterprise. We are a family business built around the expertise of Devadas Govindsamy, and son Mark Govindsamy and son in law Kevin Moodley.

Our Vision

To be a world-class distributor and manufacturer representative of the highest quality bearings, power transmission products and pneumatics.

Why KD Bearings and Accessories?

• Our 24 hour emergency supply service
• Our excellent supply chain of leading bearing, pneumatic and related products manufacturers
• Our ISO 9001 guaranteed product quality range
• Our hands-on service delivery.
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Our Mission Statement

• To be the bearing and accessory and Pneumatics supplier of choice in KwaZulu – Natal
• To be a world class bearing and pneumatic franchisee
• To ensure client expectation is exceeded with each intervention by continuous benchmarking and
• To remain at the cutting edge of bearing technology so as to supply the most technologically advanced
   solution to our client at any given time
• To foster teamwork characterised by mutual trust as is existing between K.D. Bearings & Accessories cc,
   our customers and our suppliers.
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